Tuesday, January 22, 2019

day 14 | sold

as of yet, i have not sold a painting, nor have i tried. although i have created several for other people.

...i have sent my intuitive paintings & soul vision cards to several states across the US, to Canada and as far away as the Canary Islands, Spain - & that makes my heart happy!

...in 2013, i took a course from flora bowley called bloom true. it was my first intuitive painting course and changed everything about how i paint. my paintings began to reveal my inner world to me. then i had the idea of adding words and/or symbols to the canvas, which seemed to bring out more magic.

...in 2016, i asked an intuitive + magical friend if i could do a painting for her to see if using words would work for others. i knew she understood this intuition thing, so i was more comfortable trying it with her. she gave me her 8 words and i began. & it worked! so, i kept testing out my process with others.

...so, it has been a couple of years experimenting with the paintings & cards. it feels like time to put myself out there (which is why this challenge is such perfect timing!) and offer them for purchase.

image 1 :: an old self portrait painting that I added the awen symbol - three muses appeared. 

image 2 :: magik + awen to receive a message about nine month program I was about to embark on. both the painting and the program took me on a journey. 

image 3 :: i am free - words from a guided meditation - again was looking for a message about freedom. 

image 4 :: triple hearts - for mary magdalene . I began it on 7/22 not knowing that is her feast day. she did appear holding a skull along with the holy spirit + the risen jesus in the wind. 

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