Friday, January 25, 2019

day 16 | smallest painting

my tarot cards & soul vision cards. wasn't a specific intention to begin painting a tarot deck or the soul vision cards. i had a black and white tarot deck that i used in my studio. quite often i would get paint on it by accident. then one day i decided to make marks on the back side of the deck to see where it went. well, a whole tarot deck ended up coming out of this experiment.

...after working on my deck for awhile, i was inspired to try the cards for others with the same process that i do for my paintings - beginning with the 8 words, letting the image appear. the addition to the soul vision cards was adding a a scribed symbol on one side which represents the receivers desires (the 8 words) and carries its essence. #magic

...this inspired me to leave the image side of the cards not perfectly clear at first sight. & the image can change depending upon how you view it. i have learned thru this process that some see micro and some macro. #perspective

...with both sides of the card - at first sight - it is not something your mind grasps, so the images take you beyond your rational mind to your unconscious. it is a transmission of change, of action, of transformation to our deeper selves. #plantingseeds #dreamweaving

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